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Immigrating from a small community in Northern Ireland in 1989, Martin and his family decided to settle in Barrie. Wanting to provide a good life for his family, Martin employed his entrepreneurial skills and opened his first accident repair shop in 1992.  Only 2,500 square feet and employing only one part-time technician, Martin dedicated his time to building the successful family owned and operated business he is so proud of today.

As business continued to increase, so did the expansion of Zenetec.  The year 2000 marked the construction of the Zenetec Collision Centre you recognize today. It is a state of the art 22,500 square foot facility servicing approximately 250 cars each month. It is one of the largest accident repair facilities in Ontario, providing auto  body repair service, auto glass replacement and auto detailing to Barrie and the surrounding area. Martin and his wife, Lorraine, along with three of their four children, Richard, William and Diane, have excelled at growing a business based on exceptional workmanship, quality products and superior customer service.

The pride of Zenetec's continued growth and delivery of the final product is evident in the staff of 35 employed at Zenetec, many of who have been with the business for over 10 years. They are serious about ensuring Zenetec's reputation, and that it continues to remain an honest, efficient, and quality auto body repair shop; all the while continuing to expand and grow the business.

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