Chip Repair

Chip Repair

Repairable Window Chips

A lot of windshield chips are repairable, depending on the size of the chip, the location, and whether the fracture has started to grow or crack yet. The sooner chips are repaired the better, as even a small chip can expand into a crack at any time.

windshield with chip damage to be repared

Ensure zero signs of damage with chips repairs, that are covered for by most insurance companies

Stone chip repairs are quick and are covered by your insurance company (with no deductible), we will even file the claim for you. A chip can also turn into a crack at anytime, repairing the chip will prevent your windshield from cracking and causing you to replace the entire windshield. If the chip manages to spread after we've repaired it you can use the cost of the repair towards the purchase of a new replacement windshield.


If we repair a chip on your vehicle and it grows to require that the windshield be replaced, we will apply the cost of the chip repair to your windshield replacement.

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