Repair or Replace?

If your windshield has a chip or a scratch on it we can usually repair it! Windshield repairs are quick and are usually covered by your insurance company, we will even work with you to file the claim. Repairing chips or scratches not only improves your visibility but improves your vehicles safety too. Your windshield contributes up to 30% of your vehicle’s structural integrity. A chip can also turn into a crack at anytime, repairing the chip will prevent your windshield from cracking and causing you to replace the entire windshield. If the chip manages to spread after we've repaired it you can use the cost of the repair towards the purchase of a new replacement windshield.

 If we cannot save your windshield with a repair we will need to replace your windshield. Replacing the entire windshield depends on the size or position of the damage. We replace all windshields only using the best of quality glass ensuring your vehicle is exactly the way it once was. If you replace your windshield at Zenetec we will repair any stone chips free of charge for the life of your vehicle (non transferable).

For convience while your windshield is being replaced we offer small car rental for $30, or $35 for a mid size car (booked repairs take 1 - 2 hours to complete, replacements are 3 - 4 hours).