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  • Posted: 31 Oct 2017

    It is unavoidable, at some point, you might find yourself hitting an animal crossing the road. In Canada collision with wind animals are very common. In Ontario alone, it is estimated that over 14,000 wildlife accidents happened each year.

    Knowing what to do when you find yourself in this... more

  • Posted: 31 Oct 2017

    Although we are not in that time of the year yet, we know hail storms are not completely out of the picture this year. If anything, we recommend getting prepared to ensure your car is protected. 

    In order to do so, we have prepared a few tips to share with you that we hope will be helpful... more

  • Posted: 01 Oct 2017

    Although for many, buying a car is more of a cost than an investment, we like to see it as the later because a car can potentially be with you for a while if you know how to take care of it. By knowing how to prolong or extend the life of your car, you'll be saving money in expensive repairs... more

  • Posted: 05 Sep 2017

    You've heard of experiencing issues with your car suspensions, but how easy is it to detect them and diagnose the issues?

    According to Vehicle Dynamics, a car suspension is the system of tires, tire air, springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connects a vehicle to its wheels and... more

  • Posted: 03 Aug 2017

    In previous blogs we have talked about what to do when getting in a car accident, and even ways to prevent this from happening. But what happens after you got in the accident and even fixing your car? We recommend to pay close attention to your car, specially if this was the first time your car... more

  • Posted: 03 Aug 2017

    Summer days are days to experience new adventures, visit places and overall have fun out and about. This means a lot of traveling will be involved, hence a lot of use of your car. We wanted to share these helpful tips to remind you of the different parts of your car that will need your attention... more

  • Posted: 04 Jul 2017

    Whether you are an experienced driver or just starting to get comfortable behind the wheel, it is important to be careful when driving at night, even if you have perfect vision. 

    Many of the worst accidents happen at night and not always because of drunk driving, although that's the most... more

  • Posted: 18 Jun 2017

    Although most people understand the importance of preparation prior a road trip (whether a quick or long one), we wanted to share some pointers for when traveling long distances. 

    • Pack some helpful items

    Depending on who's traveling with you, many people get car... more

  • Posted: 28 May 2017

    We often provide tips to our customers when it comes to the day to day maintenance of your car. One of the tips we often give is to pay attention to your windshield wipers. 

    We recommend replacing the blades of your windshield wipers every 3-4 months (depending on the season). 

    To... more

  • Posted: 14 May 2017

    You are driving to your house and all the sudden a driver decides that he is in too much of a rush to wait for the next green light. Instead, the driver runs the red light and hits your car and with that takes away your peace and delays you from getting home.

    At a moment like this is easy... more